Monday, June 8, 2009


The term feng shui (pronounced "fung schway") literally means "wind-water". It was originally used as a technique for choosing plots for palaces, as well as burial sites for the rich. Nowadays, people use feng shui as a technique of "working with nature", in the premise that the environment affects the way we feel and the way we act. Feng shui educates us on the importance of how positioning objects in the home or business can create a harmonious atmosphere.

Here are some basic and practical feng shui tips for your home.

1. Remove clutter. Keep your surroundings clean and orderly. Dispose of things that are no longer being used.

2. Choose items of regular shapes and sizes.

3. Wind chimes, bells and crystals dispel negative energy and attract and invigorate the "chi".

4. Choose plants with rounded tips instead of those that are edged or sharp.

5. Position mirros with care, as what you see doubles. Mirrors placed opposite walls or money pots is good, because it doubles your space or money. Never place a mirror opposite a toilet. A mirror placed opposite your bed could lead to infidelity.

6. Happy family photos should be placed on the south-west wall.

7. Fish tanks and fountains are good fortune enhancers.

8. Always display in pairs to ensure relationship success.

9. Never have your bed face the door. Lying in bed with your feet facing the door is known as the "coffin position".

10. If you need to have a fireplace, position it on the south wall, never on the north or north-west wall.


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