Monday, June 29, 2009

SIMPLE JOYS: Part 1 - On Love

*Believe in love at first sight.

*When you say “I love you”, mean it.

*When you say “I’m sorry”, look the person in the eye.

*Love deeply and passionately.

*If you don't end up with the one you love, remember that he might be just a marker that would lead you to where you should be or to the person whom you are supposed to be with.

*Be engaged at least 6 months before getting married.

*Marry the man/woman you love to talk to.

*In disagreements with loved ones, deal with the current situation. Don’t bring up the past.

*Remember that the best relationship is one where your love for each other is greater than your need for each other.

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Thursday, June 25, 2009


1. Washroom maintenance should be scheduled regularly, preferably when traffic is at a minimum.

2. Empty all waste receptacles. If possible, wash the receptacles clean.

3. Pick up waste materials, including loose hair strands from the floor.

4. Sweep all loose dirt.

5. Clean the urinal and the toilet bowl thoroughly, using your trusted liquid disinfectant cleaner. Work the liquid into all recesses and around the water outlets.

6. Clean top and underside of the toilet seat as well as the exterior of the bowl surfaces and fixtures. Rinse, wipe and leave toilet seat up.

7. Clean sink with a disinfectant cleaner. Be sure to include fixtures as well as hardware and pipes under the sink. Rinse with clean water and wipe water spots off with a clean cloth.

8. Spot-clean tiles, walls and ceilings and remove marks and smudges. Include the windows and other surfaces on which dust and dirt accumulate.

9. Note if there are burned out light bulbs, leaky faucets or other irregularities that need attention.

10. Clean the mirror.

11. Refill all dispensers with paper towels, bathroom tissues and soap. Make sure that these dispensers are clean before replenishing them with new supplies.

Monday, June 22, 2009


1. Clear the crowd. Give the stricken person as much room to breathe as possible.

2. Do not move the person who has fallen. He might have some broken bones or might be bleeding internally.

3. In case of external bleeding, put pressure on the source of the bleeding. A piece of gauze or a clean hanky is fine.

4. Don’t give the stricken person water or alcohol.

5. When a person faints, loosen his clothes especially around the chest and neck. Keep his head lower than the rest of his body.

6. Accidents often involve shock, so keep the victim as warm as possible with extra clothing or blanket. A light massage may help.

7. Clean small wounds and scratches with running water and hydrogen peroxide. Dry and paint with povidone iodine solution.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


1. Keep your radio open and try to get the latest bulletin and weather update.

2. Get extra food. Stock up on those which can be eaten without cooking or with little preparation. If emergency cooking facilities are necessary, be sure that they are in order.

3. Store water as water service may be cut off.

4. Have a flashlight in working condition and keep it handy,

5. Keep a stash of spare battery for your flashlights or radio. Charge all your cellphone batteries while there is still electricity.

6. Check on everything that may be blown away or turn loose.

7. Be sure that windows and doors can be opened on the lee side of the house – opposite the side facing the wind.

Monday, June 15, 2009


1.Love each other. Say "I love you" often and in different ways. Surprise each other with gifts of praise to show your love. Remember that love grows in an atmosphere of freedom and trust, not from restraint and obligation. Do things to keep your love and romance new and alive. Don't take things for granted. Ever.

2. Listen objectively to each other as you would to a friend. Give each other the right to disagree. You don't want anyone to control your feelings, so don't try to own the feelings of the one you love.

3. Never stop treating each other like sweethearts. Always do things to make the other one feel loved. Share the chores around the house. Work together in achieving your goals.

4. Take care of each other. Put the other one first, but don't neglect your own needs either. Do the things that show your interest in your partner's needs, desires and problems.

5. Look to each other for help. Don't let your problems or concerns get out of hand and make you go opposite directions. You're in this life together. Be thankful.

6. Talk about things together the way you would talk to a friend. Absolutely refuse to say anything negative about your partner. Share your most important secrets, and never betray the secrets of your partner. Don't ever give up on your love.

7. Settle the fact that you've made your choice and you're no longer looking for anyone else. Don't flirt, think of the consequences. Don't consider it.

8. Be in agreement about how your money is spent. Talk about how to manage your finances.

9. When in doubt, ask yourself how you would want to be treated and then act accordingly. If you've argued, never go to sleep withut a resolution.

10. Add humor into your daily life. Have fun!

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Wash Your Hands

Washing your hands will decrease your likelihood of spreading viruses and bacteria. If your immune system is strong, it should be able to fight off the virus if it does enter your body, but washing your hands provides a bit of extra protection.

Take your Vitamin C

Vitamin C helps strengthen our immune system. Citrus fruits and tomatoes are good sources of Vitamin C. You may also take Ascorbic Acid to supplement your Vitamin C needs - but ask your doctor before taking supplements.

Avoid Stress

It has been estimated that up to 90 percent of illness and disease is stress-related. If you are stressed, your immune system weakens and does not work as it should.


Exercise improves the circulation and blood flow throughout your body. Exercising also helps your immune system to be more efficient in getting rid of viruses and diseases.

Get Enough Rest

Regular rest will keep you strong and ensure that your body has the strength to fight off any potential invaders.

Stay Indoors

If you start to feel the symptoms of flu – common cold, fever, cough, stay at home and rest. Drink plenty of liquids to keep you hydrated. Take your medicine as necessary.

Monday, June 8, 2009


The term feng shui (pronounced "fung schway") literally means "wind-water". It was originally used as a technique for choosing plots for palaces, as well as burial sites for the rich. Nowadays, people use feng shui as a technique of "working with nature", in the premise that the environment affects the way we feel and the way we act. Feng shui educates us on the importance of how positioning objects in the home or business can create a harmonious atmosphere.

Here are some basic and practical feng shui tips for your home.

1. Remove clutter. Keep your surroundings clean and orderly. Dispose of things that are no longer being used.

2. Choose items of regular shapes and sizes.

3. Wind chimes, bells and crystals dispel negative energy and attract and invigorate the "chi".

4. Choose plants with rounded tips instead of those that are edged or sharp.

5. Position mirros with care, as what you see doubles. Mirrors placed opposite walls or money pots is good, because it doubles your space or money. Never place a mirror opposite a toilet. A mirror placed opposite your bed could lead to infidelity.

6. Happy family photos should be placed on the south-west wall.

7. Fish tanks and fountains are good fortune enhancers.

8. Always display in pairs to ensure relationship success.

9. Never have your bed face the door. Lying in bed with your feet facing the door is known as the "coffin position".

10. If you need to have a fireplace, position it on the south wall, never on the north or north-west wall.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Take the time to look great!
Make an effort to wear something that will bring out your flattering features, and for ladies, do not be afraid to put makeup on. This will make you feel confident, and, as we all know, confident people attract attention.

Put a smile on your face
Smiling makes you look approachable and fun, qualities that will draw people close.

Make eye contact
Eye contact is a powerful form of non-verbal communication. Making eye contact shows that you are sincere and secure.

Go ahead and participate
If you are at a party, don’t just stay in one corner – mingle, chat or dance! If you’re in a meeting, participate! These seemingly simple actions will get people to notice you.

Use your sense of humor
People love to laugh. This makes us forget all the bad things and just relax.

Monday, June 1, 2009


1. Don’t be afraid to approach prominent people. Ask them about their success. Listen carefully to their answers, write them down for future reference and application in your own life.

2. Use motivators to help you succeed. Here are some examples:


3. First impressions are important. You are your own “best” or “worst” walking advertisement. Create an effective “hello”. Dress up your image so that others are impressed by you.

4. Select a hero or role model and emulate his or her outstanding attributes. Picture in your mind’s eye the strength of character and leadership qualities of your selected role model, then picture yourself as one possessing these desirable traits.

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