Monday, March 30, 2009


1. Don’t be a couch potato. Watch television less. Instead, go for a walk, see a movie, play sports or be with friends.

2. Break that routine once in a while. Hire a baby-sitter, or take a day off from work, and have a delightful lunch out- or go window-shopping. Doing spontaneous things brings instant happiness to our day.

3. Call a friend. Chat on the phone or invite your friend for coffee.

4. Allot a “me-hour” each day to do only the things you want – read, listen to your favorite CD, re-do your hair, polish your nails, or just sit quietly and think.

5. Laugh. See the funny side of life. The more you laugh, the less bored you will be.

6. Give your home an occasional face-lifting. You need not spend anything for this. You may r e-arrange your furniture, change your curtains or put indoor plants.

7. Have a recreational activity that you really enjoy. Our hobbies and recreational activities should be those that give us a “high”, and not something that we ought to do just because our spouse or our children said so.

8. Change the way you do your work. Repetitious chores can be fun if you keep your mind active while engaged in them. For example, devise ways in making dusting and cleaning to make it easier, better or shorter.

9. Watch your appearance. Keep yourself attractive with a new hairdo every now and then, or change the way you part your hair. Wear accessories to update and upgrade your clothes.

10. Have more family fun. Include your children and your spouse in even the simplest chore. You may take them along to the grocery store, have picnic with them in the park, or play board games together.

11. Cultivate new friendships. People who have genuine interest in people seldom get bored. Have a small talk with your manicurist, your barber or your doctor’s assistant. Conversing with people allow us to get to know them on a deeper level.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


1. Learn the art of forgiveness. Don’t hold grudges. Grudges drain our energy without us knowing it. A person who knows how to forgive is free from the negative effects of resentment.
2. Learn from your mistakes. Forget the blunders of the past and commit to learn from the errors that you’ve made.
3. Compete with yourself, not with someone else. Trying to keep up with others merely forces you to play second best. Instead, focus on ways to improve yourself based on your standards and you’ll find joy in the fulfillment it brings.
4. See yourself at your best. Don’t torture yourself with frustrations and disappointments. Choose to focus on your good qualities and your talent. Live for the fun of today instead of looking back at the regrets of yesterday.
5. Conserve energy.
a. Do not rush – work, eat, play, sleep leisurely
b. Do not consume your energy on work or play – reserve some for other worthwhile activities
c. Avoid the excesses and do things in moderation – eat, drink, work, play, everything
d. Say no. Do not be afraid to decline requests that you deem unimportant or burdensome.
6. Stay calm and serene. Do not fret or worry. Too much of heavy emotion sucks up our peace of mind.
a. Past is past and you can never bring it back
b. Do your best today and let it go at that
c. Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself – most worries never come to pass
d. Put your trust in God and forget all your fears. If God is with you, who will be against you?

Remember that with peace of mind comes the power to live life more effectively.

Monday, March 23, 2009


1. Decorate your home with potted plants. Greens bring a feel of instant freshness.

2. Open your windows to let the air inside your house. You may also drape your windows with curtains made of very light materials to make it look more flowy and breezy.

3. Change your linen. Use colors that are fun and light. Green, yellow, white and blue are the best choices for pillowcases, bed sheet and table cloth.

4. Shells, crystal clear vases, and bamboo sticks also give a summery feel. Decorate your rooms with these items and get an instant summer vibe.

5. Remove the carpet. Let the natural beauty of your floors shine this season.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


1. Cut down on calories, don’t cut them out. Do not starve yourself or deprive yourself of nutrition just because you want to lose weight. A sensible diet means eating sensibly.

2. Have smaller servings of high-calorie food like red meats, baked goods and sweets.
Burn calories through exercise.

3. Follow a realistic, attainable diet program, especially designed for you. What works for your friend might not work for you. Some people lose weight faster, some gain faster. Know your body and find out what will work best for you.

4. Weigh yourself on an accurate weighing scale at the end of each week. Let them be the judge of your success.

5. Find out what motivates you to stay fit – and commit to it. It may be wearing that beach-babe bikini, or increasing your self-esteem. Whatever it is, do it for yourself, not for others.

Monday, March 16, 2009


1. Love. We cannot survive a day without it. It may be your love for your spouse, kids, parents, siblings, friends, relatives, neighbors or pets.

2. Security. Be it financial, emotional or spiritual, security provides us peace of mind.

3. Creativity. We need to express who we are and what we are made of in this world, be it through our work, the music we play, our passion for the arts, or even our love of food. Self-expression allows us to live instead of letting life just pass us by as if we are life’s idle bystanders.

4. Recognition. We need to be accepted and appreciated, not just by others but ultimately, by ourselves.

5. Goals. Reaching our goals gives us satisfaction and enhances our self-worth. This also brings personal success and maturity.

6. New experiences. Do or learn something new everyday. This allows us to grow and appreciate life more.

7. Be involved. Look out for opportunities to help. It need not be through financial or monetary ways. You can also help by sharing your talents, your skills or your knowledge.

8. Forgiveness. Forgiving others rids us of the emotional baggage that hinders us from having a peaceful life.

9. Rising above a mistake. Do not be hard on yourself when you commit errors in life. Forgive yourself and remember that what’s important is you learn something from your mistake and commit do better next time.

10. Relax. After an exhausting day, we owe it to ourselves to wind down, rid ourselves of tensions and recharge our energies.

11. Share your happiness with others. Happiness is contagious. A happy person radiates happiness wherever he goes.


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