Monday, March 16, 2009


1. Love. We cannot survive a day without it. It may be your love for your spouse, kids, parents, siblings, friends, relatives, neighbors or pets.

2. Security. Be it financial, emotional or spiritual, security provides us peace of mind.

3. Creativity. We need to express who we are and what we are made of in this world, be it through our work, the music we play, our passion for the arts, or even our love of food. Self-expression allows us to live instead of letting life just pass us by as if we are life’s idle bystanders.

4. Recognition. We need to be accepted and appreciated, not just by others but ultimately, by ourselves.

5. Goals. Reaching our goals gives us satisfaction and enhances our self-worth. This also brings personal success and maturity.

6. New experiences. Do or learn something new everyday. This allows us to grow and appreciate life more.

7. Be involved. Look out for opportunities to help. It need not be through financial or monetary ways. You can also help by sharing your talents, your skills or your knowledge.

8. Forgiveness. Forgiving others rids us of the emotional baggage that hinders us from having a peaceful life.

9. Rising above a mistake. Do not be hard on yourself when you commit errors in life. Forgive yourself and remember that what’s important is you learn something from your mistake and commit do better next time.

10. Relax. After an exhausting day, we owe it to ourselves to wind down, rid ourselves of tensions and recharge our energies.

11. Share your happiness with others. Happiness is contagious. A happy person radiates happiness wherever he goes.


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