Monday, August 17, 2009


1. Have the installation of your LPG done by a contractor experienced on these systems.

2. Periodically examine the color of the flame. A yellow flame indicates poor combustion. Correct according to manufacturer’s instructions.

3. Use your eyes and your nose when detecting a leak in your LPG. Brush on a soap solution and look for bubbles in checking for leaks.

4. Do not look for a leak with a lighted candle, match or other open light.

5. Turn off the LPG at tank and vacate the premises once leak is detected.

6. Ventilate the house thoroughly if a leak occurs.

7. Call your LPG contractor or an experienced repairman to fix the leaks and other problems before using your LPG again.

8. Make sure that there is adequate air for combustion.

9. Don’t refill the storage tank after dark.

10. Don’t open the tank valves and allow vapor or liquid to escape into the air. Use gauge to check gas supply.

11. Don’t allow weeds and grass to grow or trash to collect around the supply tanks.


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