Thursday, August 20, 2009


1. Don’t express your opinion freely and unsought.

2. Don’t feel superior among your friends.

3. Once in a while, join friends or colleagues for lunch or snack.

4. Read the papers and be updated on the news that matter, so that you’ll be ready to converse with anyone at anytime.

5. Lessen the habit of borrowing.

6. Don’t be a “Dutch treat” addict.

7. Entertain once in a while, even if it costs money.

8. Don’t pride yourself upon your absolute frankness.

9. Be nice to children (not just your own).

10. Don’t keep people waiting when you have an appointment with them.

11. Dress appropriately on every occasion.

12. Never nurse grudges.

13. Do not say bad things against people behind their backs.

14. Be nice and patient to telephone operators and salesmen.

15. Keep your word. Never break it as often as you keep it.

16. Give only objective and constructive criticism. Choose words that are not demoralizing and degrading.

17. Give sincere compliments.

18. Listen when someone is talking, don’t interrupt.

19. Be genuinely happy for the success of your friends.

20. Smile.


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