Monday, April 13, 2009


Keeping your house clean is one thing, keeping it orderly is another – these two are different, but having a clean and orderly home is ideal. Together, these two will make us look forward to coming home after a long day at work.

  • Get help. Involve everyone in the household. Assign a specific task on each member of the household or allow them to choose a task that they enjoy doing. This gives a sense of responsibility and accountability as each one has a role in making your home clean and orderly.

  • Choose a household cleaning product that suits your needs best. There are quite a lot of products in the market to choose from. Remember to always read product labels and instructions before buying and using them.

  • Keep a stock of cleaning aids such as scouring pads, protective gloves, sponges, brushes, spray bottles, etc.

  • Have a well-organized cleaning closet. Place items you use for daily cleaning on the front where they are most accessible, and those for weekly or monthly usage behind.

  • When cleaning your house, have everything you need handy. This will save you energy going back and forth your storage area. Sponges, cloths, cleaners, brushes, recycled supermarket plastic bags for litter, should be in one handy tote or basket.

  • Organize household items, decors, furniture, clothes, etc. Sort items depending on its use (i.e., linen must all be in the linen cabinet, food must be stored in the pantry, tableware must be kept in a safe cabinet, etc.) and keep everything in its proper place. Use plastic containers to store similar items and label each container for easier retrieval of your household supplies.

  • If you live in a two-storey home, have a separate set of cleaning materials upstairs and downstairs. This will save you time and energy and will not spread kitchen germs inside your bedroom and vise versa.

  • Protective mats or rugs at entrances will minimize tracking in of dirt into the house. Keep a rubber or rubber doormat outside where gritty soil or mud is a problem.

  • Replace and wash used linen and curtains every two weeks maximum. This will protect you from allergy-causing dust.

  • Apply the clean as you go policy at home. This way, your home will always be clean, and you need not do a one-time, big-time cleaning session.

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