Thursday, April 9, 2009


1. Be grateful. Begin the day with thanksgiving, for another opportunity at life unfolds.

2. Live a Simple Life. Make your habits reasonable. Avoid selfishness and self-centeredness. Simplify your daily plans and activities. You are less likely to be disappointed and frustrated if you keep things simple and attainable.

3. Spend less than you earn. We hear this over and over. It may be difficult, as more often, it is tempting to splurge than to spend within our budget. Living within or below our means will earn us dividends in the long run, and will keep us out of stress-causing debts.

4. Be objective and constructive. Always look at the logic and rationale behind things. Think clearly and accurately, without the clouds of emotions and subjective thoughts.

5. Resist the tendency to always want and do things your own way. It also pays to consider the viewpoint of others.

6. Rule your emotions. Cultivate a disposition of peace, goodwill and happiness.

7. Be generous. The way to be truly happy is to make others happy.

8. Live one day at a time. Plan your activities for the day – focus on the most important task but don’t forget to set aside a schedule for the things that you enjoy doing.


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