Thursday, May 21, 2009


1. Think success and believe that you are capable of being successful.

2. Cease to think in terms of what you cannot do, but in terms of what you can do. Never think failure, failure is anti-faith.

3. Believe BIG. The size of your success in not determined by the size of your brain, but by the size of your faith. Think BIG achievements and back them with BIG faith.

4. Affirm this belief: “Faith is an attitude of mind. Faith is belief in myself, things, other people, and God. I live in faith.”

5. Never compare yourself or your achievements with others, but make your comparisons only with yourself.
A sign of mental health is to be glad when others achieve, and to rejoice with them.

6. When opportunity appears, hold the deep conviction that, “This is right for me, I will succeed!”.


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